We offer our customers lime hauling and spreading
as well as tailgate dump services.

The beet lime we use here at the Six L's, Incorporated
comes from the Michigan Sugar Company.


Lime balances the acid found in soil.

Lime increase the quality of the PH in the soil and increases the calcium volume.

Lime promotes root intake of nutrients.

Some of our customers apply lime to their lawns to prevent ground moles
and the damages that they can cause.

Soil samples are optional but for best results
a sample should be taken before application.


After calling our office and taking your information,
we will meet with you to view your field(s) at this time
we will take notes of your requested tons and will
label flags placing them in the proper locations
with the correct amount of tonnage for your application.

Field conditions, weather conditions and wet/dry lime will determine how
quickly we can provide services to you.

We will determine all of the factors and will schedule a date and time for
our trained staff to arrive with our equipment.

After your application, you will receive an invoice through the mail,
payment is due 30 days from the billing date and is shown on your invoice,
ticket numbers and total tons are included.
Discounts and fees that may apply will be separate
if you should have any or in the event that you are a
member of the beet growers association.

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call us at