The Six L's, Inc.
1918 to Present

In 1918 William LaJoie started his own company; William and his wife Louise had children and one of them was
named Raymond; this company was known as William and Raymond LaJoie.

In 1955 Raymond LaJoie named the company "LaJoie and Sons, Inc." and adverted as R.A. LaJoie, Inc.

In 1980 Raymond and his wife Ellen, and their two son's George and Charlie continued the family business and
named the company "The Six L’s, Inc."


William and Louise LaJoie had four children and resided on Colwood Rd. in Caro, Michigan. William farmed land
and was employed as the Tuscola County Road Commissioner.

William began his business in April 1918 by putting tile in the farmers’ fields to better their crops;
this campaign circuit included Unionville, the Dickerson Rd. area, Colombia Corners and as far north as the
Huron County line and as far south of the Deckerville Rd. area.

In 1922 William and his son Raymond purchased a thrashing machine to help thrash crops for their neighboring
agricultural industry; soon after their business grew, to keep up with the high demand the business now consisted
of one employee, three thrash machines and a rumbly 20/40 oil pull tractor.

In 1939 Raymond purchased a 1930 Bay City Dragline, this was a rare machine for the Mid-Michigan area which
would soon bring additional work for their business as far away as Bay County and Lapeer County. The labor
included channel work, digging ditches and work on the bay in Bay County.

Raymond and Ellen who also resided on Colwood Rd. in Caro had thirteen children; Raymond was now working
for himself and would soon incorporate his children into the family business. William continued his Commissioners
position and farming land until his death in 1945; In 1946 the company purchased their first Caterpillar which was
a 1941 D-4 bulldozer.

In 1955 Raymond LaJoie named the business LaJoie and Sons, Inc., it continued into the late 1990’s.

From 1954 to 1957 the company had their own saw mill and clearing land was added to the list of services that
was offered to the community.

In 1958 Raymond’s mother Louise passed away.

It was prime time for ponds and digging them would become a passion between 1964 and 1982 and this kept the
company busy and the work was steady.

In 1962 Raymond’s brother Bill was employed as a mechanic and welder, the business now included
six to seven employees and throughout these years many family members and friends would come and go, two of
Raymond’s son’s would permanently remain, continuing LaJoie and Son's, Inc.

In 1980 Raymond, Ellen and their two son's George and Charlie LaJoie formed The Six L’s, Incorporated and
later that year was hired by the Michigan Sugar Company as an independent contractor.

In 1985 the company began applying lime to agricultural fields, which led to hauling and spreading Gypsum and
Dolomite. The company had expanded and grew to having numerous pieces of equipment and employees, but
this would also be a sorrowful and devastating year as Ellen had passed away.

In 1990 the family and business would suffer another devastating loss by Raymond’s passing.

Committed to carry on the family business and serving the Tuscola and the surrounding counties,
George and Charlie LaJoie would continue the legacy.

In 2007 the shocking news of cancer would arise, George and Charlie both were diagnosed
with prostate cancer within a matter of two weeks
apart. It would be found that treatment for George would be
successful but that Charlie would have a more difficult time, trying many different treatments that failed,

ending his battle in April of 2013.

Constant hard work and dedication took much strength and courage and seeing the progression of the business
through the years is something that these fallen founders can truly be proud of.

George LaJoie continues The Six L's, Inc. along with Debra Flikkie
Debra has been with the company since 1988
, leaving for a short time and returning upon George and Charlie's
Charlie LaJoie raised Debra as his own and was her step father.
Debra is now George LaJoie's adoptive daughter and together they continue to carry on the family business.


~ The company Dragline Operators, in order include: Wylie Nichols, Vance Dillon, Jack Dillon, “Kif” Profit, Earnie
ahl, “Sullie” March Sulivan, Doug Allison, “Uppy” Coals, Walter Trisch, Charlie LaJoie, Allen Clark, Jeff Romain
and Scott Snyder

~ Charlie’s wife is Reverend Beverly LaJoie and was ordained on October 12th
, 1997.

~ Raymond and Ellen LaJoie's sons, Walter, Eddie, George, Charlie & Donald all served in the U.S. Military.

~ The “L” in The Six L’s, Inc., represents the name LaJoie
, which included the following family members:
Raymond, Ellen, Walter, Eddie, George and Charlie.

~ Bob LaJoie is the youngest son of Raymond and Ellen’s children and remains with the company to this day

~ President George W. Busch (Jr.) invited Charlie LaJoie to the white house three years in a row

for a Luncheon to acknowledge successful business owners and to discuss what makes a business successful,
sadly Charlie declined the invitations on account of work.

~ The first employee outside of family
members in the company was
George Grice, which was also the founder of Grice’s Tree Farm
located in Caro, Michigan.

 Bay County